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Follow these addicts as they reveal their strange addictions and meet with psychological experts. One of my favorite shows lately is My Strange Addiction. Her family is worried about her well-being, but does not know that Casie has taken her addiction to a shocking new extreme.

Although she finds the heat and sound comforting, Lori risks the chance of burning her skin severely or worse, starting an electrical fire. They bill Lifetime as the network for women, probably because most of the shows are about women killing men, or men beating the crap out of women, and you know we gals just eat that kind of shit up! She skirts around it, but answer? WikiProject Psychology may be able to help recruit an expert. Remember the kitten, dating site peeps.

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My name is Alice and I kill tiny virtual people. Kesha has admitted to eating half a roll of toilet paper everyday. She can't bear the thought of being seen without it and has considered making it permanent with facial tattoos. Chewing on them helps to calm her nerves, but the chemicals in the dryer sheets can cause cancer. Bertha's family desperately seeks treatment for their daughter who they fear is causing damage to her body.

Jaye insists that her peculiar addiction is not a problem and to date she hasn't encountered any side effects. All you need to do is select the source site in the table. So I figured, my brain is so far gone by now, why not? Theresa suffers from memory loss, stomach problems and anemia, aspen dating service but still refuses to quit.

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It does, however, involve a lady so goofed up they devoted the entire episode just to her. Best Episodes Best Seasons. Although her family is concerned for her health and her well-being, she refuses to stop her behavior.

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Why, I ask, would you bring that many family members to help you choose a dress? In the five years since she started taking hundreds of laxatives a day, she has been hospitalized with bleeding ulcers and malnutrition. He rides his bike at home, outside and even in his office as he works. Audrey can't live without her stuffed lamb.

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She drives up to an hour away from her Virginia home to gather the stones she finds most appetizing. It sounds harmless, but rock collecting endangers Belinda's life. To read more about the legal side please follow this article on Wikipedia. Lookie, her boobs double as jack-o-lanterns!


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Mary, who can't stop herself from consuming snacks as well as canned food intended for cats, consumes over treats a day. Now, family members, along with her fiance, are worried her obsession could become a serious threat to her life. To learn more about how to save video files to your computer, you can read this help topic. Richard Dick Peen and Bambi Vagina.

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If your nine-year-old can figure this out, you might want to think it over, lady. He says they are scrumptious. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alicia, addicted to smelling mothballs, london hook up keeps them stashed all over her house and even in her purse for emergencies. Her family is scared for her health and desperately wants her to get help.

How do I watch My Strange Addiction online without registration? If you are new to watching movies online, this guide will certainly help you. You will know how to watch streaming movies on TwoMovies.

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All that silicon is not very healthy, nor is going through that many surgeries. Girl uses vapor rub as lubricant causing burning sensations and painful urination. These range from eating specific non-food items to ritualistic daily activities to bizarre personal fixations or beliefs.

Haley has been pulling her hair for over six years, but the big payoff for her is eating the follicle. Follow couples who have an existing relationship online, but haven't met in person. Potty Training Videos Reviewed! Of course, I have a feeling many of these women are not paying for the dresses themselves, hence at least having the parents there to approve the choice.

Please update your bookmarks. Today's headlines Most Read Birthday boy! Episode Ninja the best episodes of any tv show. Michellin are is favourite. Meanwhile, blackpool dating scan year-old single mother of two Heather has been addicted to drinking paint for nearly three years.

  • She hides mothballs in her car, her bed and under the sofa cushions in her house.
  • Hmm, does this deodorant have antioxidants?
  • She wraps them up in toilet paper and tears off a piece when she has a craving.
  • Many of these addictions could be considered harmful.

Okay that my be stretching it a bit but really this just some of the most boring crap I've seen from reality T. Riley lives her life as an adult baby and refuses to grow up. Utah woman bled to death into a garbage can during botched heart surgery, lawsuit says. He reveals that he goes on dates with Chase, a Chevy Monte Carlo, buys it birthday gifts, and even has sex with it. But, alas, no, all we get is the stupid dress.

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  3. Dolly Parton looks like a Double Minus A cup compared to this woman.
  4. Edit Storyline Tells the compelling stories of people who are battling obsessive behaviors on the verge of taking over their lives.

Not one for the photo album! When feelings of stress and anxiety come up, she literally stuffs them back down with couch cushion. Learn more More Like This. Over the past four years, Josh has consumed more than glasses and light bulbs.

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