There is nothing wrong with being short. Oh, you I must add that I am male. Originally Posted by nobodysbusiness. Detailed information about all U.

Again, they let all ages join. Therefore, it has a lot to offer. Look for a guy who knows how to treat a woman.

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  1. Not interested in sleeping around.
  2. There are good and honest people everywhere, some may not be in your location so if you such you have to sacrifice to get them.
  3. Ive decided to just join cultural, gardening and volunteer groups where I can meet people face to face.
  4. Anyone that would recommend a better site where I can find my soulmate.
  5. If you find a good website let me know.

The free dating sites are better since most of the profiles in the fee-based sites were placed by non-payers just so they could conduct profile searches. Why is he on any dating site? For females dating sites in general are quite different. Its aim is to give opportunities and support to senior citizens.

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  • Sometimes you meet a decent guy and there is just no chemistry.
  • Do you have a favorite dating site?
  • So now I hope that I can find someone who would at least give the relationship time instead of hopping in the sack.
  • It sucks being alone but so be it.

There are some of us that are good. Honestly, I have heard other stories too. Lots of people I know are now part of a twosome. So I continue to look, just as everyone for that one needle.

Now as a male you can be persistent and you may be fortunate. It seems that experts are out there rating dating sites. As this site has all the functions that you need, you will find it very user-friendly and effective in general. Had chemistry on first date.

If you ladies think you have it bad. Men are told not to cry, not to show emotion, not to be vulnerable. Getting such a site started in the sea of already dominant, dishonest ones would probably be hard, but if there any honest entrepreneurs out there, I encourage you to give it a go! If I meet someone special that is great. In March when I officially retire I think I am going to start looking at activities through churches and community buildings to try to meet people.

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My thumping heart nearly burst through my chest. Most people become more rigid the older they get, and certainly more set in their ways, making them less likely to give up the freedom they have as a single person. The problem for women is our age.


Otherwise you can contact me so we can chat. Please send me an email to enable us get to know each other. Trust your first impressions, but also be patient. How old are you and what age were you or are you looking for?

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Online dating felt rushed to me. Anyway whenever I feel ready to date again, you the online sites I would prefer are Match. After that I said no more online dating.

So, I keep trying, royal marine dating but refuse to pay to find a good guy any longer. It's nonsense that you need several dates to determine the viability of a new relationship. Good luck everyone on finding your soul mate!

He is now in a relationship, but we remained friends. Having only been with her husband her entire life, she was very much enjoying this hot sexy Italian guy, and we all knew he was just using her, but she had to find out for herself. Every one I have meet has been great.

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One good experience, several bad I met one woman who was great, and we dated for some time. Huskies are very beautiful and talkers. So users on SilverSingles are well-educated professionals looking for love in their golden years. So gals, do what you have to do to get that man you want. You need to pay for a membership to make real contact with other members you are interested in.

Find Your Match On Dating For Seniors

What are the senior site creators thinking? We seniors can be lonely and need someone to be with. We're both senior citizens. Your experiences in online dating for senior citizens retired people.

Hello Gail, My name is William, I will love to know more about you. Here in Denver there were many ladies pictures and profiles that were no longer actually using the site. Nothing but lies, or fake profiles.

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Some of the messages, I am told, are lewd or just plain poorly written. Additional giveaways are planned. Heck, I took a several years break and it has just become worse. At our age we should have experience enough life to know what basically is negotiable vs is nonnegotiable. That said, it seems none of the sites really have you in mind.

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Now a days-there seems to be more inference on sex than anything else. Originally Posted by newcomputer. Needless to say I am taking a break and focusing on me.


Daphne I totally agree with you. There are some good and honest ones out there! If u are not into the guy, pay your own way on the date and move on down the line. In both instances, west chester pa I wish them well and say the fellow they have chosen is a lucky gentleman. Hi Kevin Same thing happened to me.

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