This Indy Market is just the place for you to meet the next up and coming talent in the comic world! The last draft will be firing at pm. They have developed a well-deserved reputation for being super-friendly and enthusiastic!

  1. Comic fans will have their hands full this weekend with our comic featured panels!
  2. Please check with creators individually.
  3. This area gives you the space you need.
  4. Companies from all corners of the industry will be showcasing their upcoming projects and promos in the Exhibitor area and you get to be there for a sneak peek.
  5. MegaCon is a huge convention for a reason.
  6. Manga, Japanese fashion, cosplay, Miyazaki films, and idol music among other things.

Many offer shuttles to the convention, but you should ask when booking. If you need a break from the posing, the Lounge is just the place to get that breather you deserve, offender or the food you need to hit the show floor running. The superstars of the supernatural are back!

Walk down the halls to witness attendees getting a much-needed break from their wig or mask, datingbuzz zimbabwe and reapplying makeup to various areas of their body and face. Have questions about how it all works? We will have some non Magic the Gathering games on site.

MegaCon Orlando - Post-Show Field Report

The pros will be here to answer all your questions about the industry and to talk about their latest projects. Are you ready to meet the ghost with the most? The dedication when it comes to the costumes of attendees was both impressive and astounding. Our amazing costume competition is back!

Fans waited in line for hours before the talent even arrived so they knew their spot was secured. And you might just find that certain someone special who shares your passion for all things fandom! You will be excited to see the lineup of anime voice actors we have for you.

According to one vendor, the aisle size had shrunk, attendance was up, and there were more celebrities than ever. You never know what they might say! There are hundreds of people going in all directions, so remember to stay calm and try to get your bearings before jumping into the fray.

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Along our half-mile journey from the parking garage to the convention center, we passed numerous anime characters and a duo dressed as Scooby Doo and Shaggy, along with a handful of fat Thors. But most importantly, have fun! Comic Fans will have their hands full this weekend with our comic featured panels! We will be running Core Set and Dominaria drafts at the top of every hour.

Another change this year was the lanyards. Get there early, as spots near the front go fast! How has Suicide Squad not completely tarnished that character?


Ten Things You Can Do At MegaCon Orlando (Besides Panels)

Megacon Orlando - Park Ave Magazine

They have developed a well-deserved reputation for being most amiable and enthusiastic! Sessions are by appointment only. Some of the games were imports of titles never released outside of Japan! We've got the best comic creators facing each other in a live sketch duel and even two teams of creators go head to head over the fine details of comic book continuity!

MegaCon also sells packages to meet different voice actors and comic artists as well as tickets to their popular Maid Cafe. Did you go to MegaCon Orlando this year? Amazing fun for the whole family at only at Megacon! Help maintain a professional, friendly and positive face for the th.

They say knowledge is power. For both newcomers and dedicated fans alike, these are fun places to celebrate or discover shows. Photo ops abound with Star Wars themed vehicles, Droids, Lego display and literally thousands of retail items and rare collectables. Whether you're a Whovian or Jedi, a cosplayer, or crafter, you are welcome here! After getting your ticket for the day, or the entirety of the event, your lanyard is scanned before entry.

Come on your own, or bring a friend, there's plenty of room for everyone! Here is a place to rest for all you great families! Tampa Bay couple achieves their dream of creating, distributing no-budget horror flick. Dig through your collection or visit some of the vendors at for exclusive back issues and graphic novels by our many creator guests.

Whether you're a Whovian or Jedi, a cosplayer or crafter, you are welcome here! This is a fun way to quickly meet and get to know some of your fellow fans, and who knows, you might just develop a very important relationship in the process. Nearly all vendors have tablets with card readers attached for easy transactions, though cash is also welcome everywhere. For more information, please contact us.

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  • MegaCon is not only a safe place for extreme fans, but a celebration of creativity, spirit, and community for those no matter how niche their interests are.
  • Please review instructions below on how to submit your portfolio for review.
  • Listen in and participate in our numerous sessions!

Celebrate the work of outstanding costumers and makers! Exciting three vs thee action. Hundreds of games available for you to play for free!

Located in the Community Zone on the Exhibit Floor, this awesome feature will allow you and your friends to gather around and get that amazing shot! Just try not to photobomb any cosplayers shoots accidentally. Literally thousands of amazing costumes are available for your viewing pleasure throughout the weekend.

MegaCon Orlando 2019 - Post-Show Field Report


The talented and licensed artists from Ink Fusion Empire will be at the show and ready to immortalize your favorite fandom in ink. Indie meets pro in this special area where you will find all of your favorite pencillers, inkers, apps and writers. Here are the details on the big things. Please note that not all submissions will be chosen for review.

Five cities, five shows, one champion. Presented by Twisted Toonz. If you would like to submit, please click the link below.

Heroes and Villains Commandeer MegaCon Orlando


ZETC Bollywood

From Super Saiyan to Pokemon Fanatic - we've got them all! See all the details up close and get a great photo op! Located in the Artist Alley area, the Indy Press Pavilion brings a fine line up of independent comic book, zine, and other related publishers.

Heroes and Villains Commandeer MegaCon Orlando

Looking for the ultimate, one-of-a-kind tattoo? Do you just need to sit down and take a breather? These ones can be expensive, but Orlando is a popular tourist destination with hundreds of other hotels nearby.

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