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  1. She's in her meet outfit with original box.
  2. If she is marked American Girl you can send her to the Doll Hospital, but they will replace her whole head.
  3. Thank you for your response.
  4. Kaya is the newest American Girl to be added to the collection.
  5. The American Girl Collection was originally exclusively available only through mail-order catalogs.

She came with an extra outfit, hair book, and several retired story books. Three out of the ten Retired Girl of the Year Dolls. How do find out the year it's from? Samantha, speed dating events fort and her friend Nellie.

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Dies wellie wishers have same issue if water gets in eyes. The first dolls made by the pleasant company had white cloth bodies. The neck strings are important. What would you recommend trying to sell her for? So because of her loose limbs I deemed her unplayable and never touched her again.

Lori - My suggestion would be to use the research you have already done to determine a good starting bid. Information about each doll and when items were discontinued are given along with a picture of each item. Well now I've noticed along the seems her hair is bubbled away from her head along the seem. She and her friend Ivy were the best of friends. Things to look for and things to avoid when considering a second hand doll.

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So again, do some research and get a idea for what your type doll is selling for. You can do an online search for Doll Drs. As tempting as the just like you but the Dolls of the Year increase in value more because they have a limited quanity. Is it worth the asking price if is the newest version minus the box? If you are ot satisfied ask the seller for a refund and send her back!

The Savage Dolls Tips for buying AG Dolls secondhand

Read this article through it should help. She was the fourth friend doll released along with an American Girl movie. Older dolls might have loose limbs that would prevent them from standing and holding a pose.

Without seeing the doll of course I can't be sure. Her wig is very loose and thin. She has her meet outfit complete with hat and purse. If you want the original cloth-bodied versions they are only available on the secondary market.

Can you tell me more about the mini American Girl Doll? Also, don't forget to check into thrift stores periodically. It is very dry and the sides are frizzy, from braiding I think. Regarding the Samantha doll with bang trouble, it is possible her wig has become slightly detached. From all I see she is a collectable.

Cut or short strings could cause problems if the doll needs repair. The trouble with the bitty baby's that have painted hair is the paint rubs off and scratches very easily. Charity sale doll with x on bottom.

This used to be a free fix through the doll hospital, speed dating events east but if you are selling I would just price accordingly. Her neck stamp is really what has me concerned. To send your doll to the doll hospital go tot he American Girl website and print the instructions for sending her tot he doll hospital.

Everything else as far as legs and arms seem the same as the dolls I have gotten at the American girl store. Can you tell me if and when original Pleasant Company dolls had a hairless spot above their neck? She also has no furniture and only two outfits in her collection.

Complete Guide to American Girl Doll Collecting

How to Identify the Year a Barbie Doll Was Manufactured

Sex Dolls Dating- a Social Experiment with Realistic Life Like Sex Dolls

Newer Post Older Post Home. This page also describes and depicts the Girls of Today items produced by Pleasant Company since that have been retired and which are no longer available. Watch out for shipping costs! In your case it sounds like your Samantha is priceless to you and that is the value I would place on her.

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Both stand on their own an Both have the stamp American girl llc on their necks. Neck strings should be intact. She is in very new condition, 29 year old woman dating I admit I was very very nervous about this purchase. This is not necessarily a problem.

The list below links to individual pages in this site which are devoted to each American Girl doll. She in excellent condition. Get familiar with the dolls and their prices.

This has an impact on the value of your doll as well. No, there is nothing wrong with the dolls. It pulls out easily with brushing and I am not sure if the downy dunk would make it better or worse. They have the stamp and can stand just doesn't have original clothes. They come with nothing only two dolls.

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What is the value of retired nicki doll. She is an original Pleasant Company. You can find this in almost any beauty supply shop. That is the best way to gauge the value and what a good starting bid might be.

How to Identify the Year a Barbie Doll Was Manufactured

If you have a lot of accessories you must do some more research on how much these items are selling for. It is also important to know approximately what year your Molly was made. It can be overwhelming when first looking at the secondary doll market.

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You just have to do some research and find out what the value is today. Samantha Summer outfit was on her dated china. My daughter asked for one right after new year when the new catalog was delivered with Saige on the cover. After restoring these dolls they are more valuable to me personally because of this. Pleasant Company produced and marketed three inch dolls dolls each of which was from a different period in American History.

  • She is blonde very light brown hair with brown eyes.
  • Wow mom i didn't know you had so much information about american girl dolls.
  • If the hair is really dry, is a new head the only answer?
  • My daughter asked for one right after new year when the new catalog was delivered.
  • You have a doll from the Springfield Doll Collection.

Many Felicity items have been discontinued recently and so to round out the collection I again turned to Ebay. Do the numbers on the back of the dolls head have any identification meaning? She's in amazing condition although I have regular fits over whatever they made hair out of in the s.

American girl doll used

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