For the episode, see Tree Trunks Adventure Time. Vault of Bones - Finn and Flame Princess go on an adventure in the dungeon so he can ake sure that her life is good enough for her to no longer be evil. The American animated television series Adventure Time features a cast of fictional characters created by Pendleton Ward. She becomes convinced that he is a water elemental, saying all he does is cry all the time.

Her two gems are also missing in this form. Pig and Tree Trunks adopted the Lich, who had been turned into a harmless baby. When Finn tries to apologize to her, she accepts his apology. Jake Suit - Jake made Finn go over to Flame Princess's House to meet her family and he emberassed him in front of her. It is likely that Finn continues to harbor genuine romantic affection for Flame Princess, as seen in The Comet.

Adventure time-Does cinnamon bun love flame princess Red Throne ep

Bubblegum then picks up strong energy levels on her radar. She can also make a Flame Sword, in which she concentrates an isolated flame, extending from her arm, that is intense enough to glow blue. The fight escalates into a huge explosion, causing Flame Princess to turn into a giant form.

She has the same hairstyle as she had when wearing her ruler outfit. In the end, Finn said he got over Bubblegum and wanted to go back to her again. While her fellow elementals were willing to die to let their essence live on, Patience chose to freeze herself and thus survived.

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  1. After killing it, both admit that they are still in love with one another and kiss.
  2. This stirs the Lich as he kills Prismo's physical body to reach the structure with the intent to corrupt it and its prisoners.
  3. Flame Princess is also impressionable in a positive way.
  4. He made them eat a cookie together and their moth's touched.

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Playing with Fire - Flame Princess calls Finn up and they go over to the carnival to have some fun together on a date. Princess Bubblegum is jealous of Flame Princess for dating Finn and hates her guts and wantes her dead for it so that she can get Finn to go back to him. Flame Princess and Solar Princess got into a big fight over Finn and in then end, Solar Princess fell in love with Cinnamon Bun and started dating him instead. When a Giant Goo Skull captures Finn, dating she rescues him by intimidating it.

Adventure time-Does cinnamon bun love flame princess Red Throne ep

He then plots to take his place after he discovers that he can copy Finn's exact appearance. Betty from destroying Ice King's mind. Cavern of Fears - Finn and Flame Princess both find out that they have the same secret fear. Pim tripped on her boat which broke, the sail a wooden pole bounces and breaks her ice bounds, she grabs the wooden pole, burns it, thus igniting her weakened flames.

Finn catches her as she is falling and brings her inside. They would later get back together in later episodes. However, he brought Flame Princess to his house to talk.

She can emit a continuous flamethrower from her hands, but the length of time she can sustain it is debatable. Jake seems glad to see Finn happy with Flame Princess, as he was the one to seek her after Finn was rejected by Princess Bubblegum. Later in the episode, Finn forged an insulting letter to make Flame Princess and Ice King fight again in order to complete his dream. This caused Don John to feel cheated and fought Flame King as the two prisoners made their escape with Cinnamon Bun, who managed to defeat the guards and steal the key.

She also is wearing a fringed, floral hippie dress. It is unknown if she holds any actual bitterness towards Princess Bubblegum towards this. She has an extremely unstable makeup. Perhaps most importantly, he is also said to have defeated the Lich in his youth.

She is weak against water, shown after unintentionally setting off some of Princess Bubblegum's liquid pyrotechnics and when she puts her hand into a pond. She has long vermilion orange-red hair made of fire that, when down, falls down her back, and when up, takes an appearance similar to flames. Eventually, the two successfully stage a coup in her kingdom and overthrow the Fire King.

Flame Princess

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Flame Princess was being mean to Finn, dominating and abusing him although this was only a dream so it wasn't really her. He has a short attention span and has difficulty concentrating on even simple tasks. In the same episode, Glob finally reconciles with Magic Man. But he is defeated by Finn, and he regresses back to his weakened state. Strapless Dress - Flame Princess has hear hair down and has on a strapless dress and has no shoes.

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Finn and Flame Princess, on the other hand, want to become more physical in their relationship. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After Flame Princess beats up Ice King for insulting her, Finn starts to have weird dreams with the Cosmic Owl in it, but keeps waking up before he can finish the dream. He also wore a band around his head, holding a fire gem in the middle.

In the dungeon, Finn revealed that he thinks that Flame Princess still has feelings for him, to which she protests. At the end of the episode, he reveals that he loves her because she has a strong heart. There, Don John tells her that she will be his and reveals that he wants to marry her.

Jake was the reason why she was mad at Finn. She was an average woman living in an era before the Great Mushroom War. Her hair looks like grass and has grassy lines on it, and her dress looks like it is made of plants and singed tree bark. Flame Princess has two cousins, Furnius and Torcho, who hate her father because he killed their father in order to take over the Fire Kingdom.

  • When Finn tried to apologize to her she accepted his apology.
  • It has been confirmed in a tweet by Cartoon Network's official Twitter that the two had not been dating and by the writers as well.
  • She is very happy when Finn calls her beautiful.
  • When Finn saw her, he fell in love with her.
  • At first, Finn thought he was going to be burned alive because of how Flame Princess approached the Goo Skull, but after he's rescued, Flame Princess says she would never hurt her boyfriend.

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Flame Princess

She throws him into the lantern and locks him up with Flame King. It should also, however, be noted that she also cheered after Jake was seemingly choked to death by a fake Finn, and she attempts to catch and kill him after fake Finn rejects her. At the end of the episode, she is seen in her ruler outfit again, but with her hair worn down. Flame Princess is a playable chatracter in this game.

At the end of the same episode she shows that she likes Finn, but thinks that they can't be together because they are opposite elementals she thought Finn was a water elemental because of his crying. After he was shot by a fire, he became aware and fully cooked. Due to being wet, she is weak and couldn't escape, until Patience St. This sets them on fire and she seems a bit surprised by the reaction, indicating she doesn't know much about lands other than the Fire Kingdom.

Flame Princess/Relationships
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Cinnamon Bun

Cinnamon Bun

After this the two have fun as friends and are now seen casually together without any drama. Flame Princess has ridden Marsha before and Marsha doesn't at all mind. The kiss triggers a reaction and causes her to burn so hot that she melts through the ground. He then gives her, hook up in which causes her to re-ignite though Finn passes out from lack of oxygen.

Despite all of this, Princess Bubblegum often uses Cinnamon Bun as a servant to perform simple tasks for her. He sees Finn as a capable warrior and compliments him for being able to focus his energy on his tasks. After being blasted by fire, he becomes fully baked and attains a dry, dating smooth face. The sounds are all taken from quotes she made in the show and are used to match the actions she makes.

She begins by heading for Goblin Kingdom to set it and its citizens on fire. He soon began deteriorating in both mind and body over the years into his current state. If Finn doesn't jump, my friend is dating my he'll lose apowerup or his life.

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