How to disassemble Acer Aspire Inside my laptop

Acer Aspire 5742 Cd Rom Driver

Buy a can of compressed air and blow air into the fan until all dust is gone. Did you test the laptop with an external monitor? Are you sure your laptop has Bluetooth module installed?

Try reconnect back and my problem solve until today. Most likely you still can use the laptop with an external monitor. When I then saw the one where you took out the keyboard I thought it would be interesting to do it my self. Also, this can be a problem with the motherboard or graphics card. Sometimes I am able to work for very long and suddenly it happens.

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My pc keeps getting overheated in the red part Does anyone know what part it is and how to fix it? And no telling how much to fix the screen. There is no way I can answer your question without opening the laptop case.

Does that have any thing to do with that. Does the external video goes white or disappears? Nothing looked out of the ordinary, no burnt cards, smells or blackened areas. You turn on the laptop, it is blank a couple of seconds, and then the screen turns completely white.

You save me from replacing my laptop! The more I repeat this method the sooner the screen returns after resetting. It appears it would be your inverter. Is the connector on the back of the lcd the same so that you can swap any lcd for testing or do they all have specific connectors on the back as well? Can you hear if the hard drive spins up when you push on the power button?

Hi I have an acer g, the screen fades to white and sometimes pixels at the top are broken. Julian, i wondered if you know if I can access the thermal module of an Aspire by removing the keyboard, or if i would have to disassemble the entire top cover?

LCD screen turned completely white

Look closely at the latches before installing the new keyboard. Could you advise me do I have to disassemble the complete laptop or It can be done just by removing the upper frame and adjusting the hinge, or do you thing the hinge has to be replaced. Removing the top cover assembly. How do you pull the latches back again?

Start the laptop, connect an external monitor and set the laptop to output video on both screens. Hooked up to external monitor, everything fine. Make sure you plug it in all the way.

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Does this sound more like the video card going or can it be a connection? It turned out that it was getting too hot! Running the laptop with an external monitor sort of defeats the portability factor. What i did is to wait for a couple of hour and sometimes it tooks a day or more to work again normally. My test screen is cracked and because of that you see a wide white band in the center but it still works fine for this test.

This is the second time in the last twelve months I have used this guide for my Acer Aspire G laptop. My Acer laptop screen started chipping in and out and i wud just tap on it and it went fine, eventually tapping on it was no longer useful. Hi, I have the same white screen on an Acer notebook, forceinda f1 drivers 2012 your information was very useful. Search for a new Acer Aspire harness on eBay.

Only when i turn it off completely and then turn it on the image is ok, but only in boot up sequence. Everything else works fine as I am actually using my laptop and typing this with one hand. Thank you for this very detailed description. When i tap it or change the angle it seems to fix it.

Hi, i wondered if you know if I can access the thermal module of an Aspire by removing the keyboard, or if i would have to disassemble the entire top cover? Hi, Hats off to you for writing such a detailed write of disassembly of acer aspire laptop, clearly showing each and everything. Could be corrupted video driver. However most White screen events happen when bot-up initiates and before Windows drivers launch.

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When I use pegs to hold the sides it becomes temporary steady. Is there a permanent solution?

Acer aspire 5742 cd rom driver

Is there a way to upgrade the Nvidia Graphics card in this laptop? First of all, I would check memory modules. If the problem still there, this is motherboard issue.

If latches are stuck inside, try using a needle to release the latches. At first it starts as it dependent of the angle of opening. But if I play with the switch tapping it down I can get the screen to flicker.

Gently snap front cover back into place, replace screws and rubber stops. Test your laptop with only one module installed try both modules. So it seemed to work best at the top left hand corner for me, so I was holding it in for awhile was in China so made it hard to find parts.

You can check this fuse with a multi-meter and see if it has broken continuity. Did you try reconnecting the cable? The problem has not returned ever since I put a ventilated tray underneath and not to leave it on all day long.

Push on the latch with a small flat head screwdriver. He has done driver updates, bios updates, checked and rechecked display settings, triple checked connection and keeps getting the same result. Re-seated it and the screen looks like new!

If it is fixable should I do it myself or see if it is covered under the warranty? Runs perfectly on external monitor. Danny J, Yep, it might work as a temporary solution.

How to disassemble Acer Aspire Inside my laptop